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350 San Leandro Blvd.
San Leandro, CA 94577

Telephone: 510-632-1522

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Evergreen Nursery is the only local full service nursery!  We offer service, quality, and choice.

We feature a wide selection of items for the novice or seasoned gardener: plants, organic fertilizers, bulbs and seeds, sod, statuary and fountains, decorative rock, bulk landscape materials, and gift items.  We are open year round, seven days a week.  We provide the best possible services and products to our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What kind of products/services does Evergreen Nursery offer?

Evergreen Nursery sells a full range of plants, trees, roses, sod, fruit trees, vegetables, organics, bedding and house plants.  We also have everything you need for your outdoor space, from outdoor furniture to fountains and statues and a beautiful range of gardening related gifts and books.
Why should a customer shop at Evergreen?

Evergreen Nursery is noted for its commitment to customers service, plant quality and amazing choice of products.  Our staff enjoy giving advice to garden newbies and seasoned gardeners alike and look forward to helping you find the right plants for your yard.

How do you differentiate your company from your competition?

Service – Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly staff
Quality – Plants in top condition, for the best and fastest growth in your garden
Choice – Very wide range always in stock and special orders welcome.

How long have you been in business?

23 years.

What would your best customers say about you?

"At last a store that actually knows about the plants they sell.  Goodbye Big Box mega-store nursery guy who couldn't spell Agapanthus Africanus if you spotted him all the vowels and the g, p, t, h ....  you get the picture; ... and these guys really are helpful.  And my  son loved riding in the little cart ... and trying to swim in the Koi pond!"

"Yup this place truly rocks. I cannot believe I have lived in San Leandro going on five years and stopped by for the first time the other day.  I needed coddling moth traps and beneficial nematodes and of course, they not only had them, but they saved the nematodes with my name in the refrigerator.  This is the way a nursery should be.  Beautiful plants, beautiful people selling them to you!"

"I took a trip here one Sunday afternoon with my Grandma.  We had a great time pulling a little wagon around the grounds picking up fun ground cover and annuals.  They have a great selection of plants, and I would love to visit closer to planting time to see the spring/summer varieties as they become more available.  I was particularly impressed by the variety of soil amendments and fertilizers they have.  They had the conventional, and organic, which is what I buy.  I got a big bag of worm castings and a huge bag of compost with chicken manure.  Had a great time with Gram, and my plants definitely liked what I brought home for them."
What concerns do your customers have?

Customers are very concerned about the environment and safety for their family so we are always increasing our range of organic and environment friendly products.  Also, we regularly help customers find the right plant for the right location in their particular micro-climate, thus ensuring that the plant thrives.

How do your prices compare to others in the business?

We are always very competitive without compromising quality.  We have monthly special offers for all customers and further promotions to our email newsletter subscribers.

What are you justifiably proud of – that Evergreen Nursery does really well?

We pride ourselves on being a delightful and beautiful place to visit - you cannot fail to break into a smile as you take in all the lovely displays!

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