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2480 Washington Ave.
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San Leandro, CA  94577

Contact: Chris Ronan
510-346-TRIM (8746)

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Moulding Direct ... a premier material supply shop for contractors in the Bay Area.

We carry:
• More than 150 profiles of moulding in MDF, Pine, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Alder, Poplar ... and more!
• Jamb stock and S4S
• Flexible moulding for any profile in 3-4 days
• Closet material: shelving, poles, brackets, rosettes
• Columns: round, tapered, square and fluted
• Foster mantels and caps
• Exterior stucco pop-outs
• Shaw brand flooring
• White River – high relief and embosses
• Senco tools

At the wholesale level we supply many of the flooring, window and  hardware stores you may already shop in. We have opened an outlet which is open six days a week for all contractors and home owners in search of quality finishing products and high quality flooring, at pricing in line with the wholesale market. The Moulding Direct Retail location is in central San Leandro at 2480 Washington Ave. at the intersection of two major streets, San Leandro Blvd. and Washington Ave. ... just look for our big green illuminated sign.

FREE DELIVERY for contractors in the entire Bay Area and beyond for large jobs.
($200 minimum order required. Fuel surcharge applies)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What products does Moulding Direct offer?

Moulding/trim, columns, balusters, laminate flooring, stucco trim, Senco Tools
Why should a customer shop at Moulding Direct?

We really know what we are talking about for your trim and moulding desires ... "You can't get it cheaper unless you steal it".

How do you differentiate your company from your competition?

We have developed the "Moulding Direct Experience" which is exactly the opposite of what you would find in any big box store.  That means for you: we will help you through your trim selections from our 150 profiles.  Once you have made your selection, your job at this point is to just sit back and watch as your order is put together, loaded onto/in your vehicle, secured (prepared for wet weather if needed) and, lastly, attach a red flag.  We don't chauffer you home though ...  not yet, anyway!

How long have you been in business?

Our four year anniversary was the day after Thanksgiving 2007

What would your best customers say about you?

Ease of purchasing; we are in stock with quality material, not beat up and picked through.  They like to munch on our endless supply of treats ever present in the store, and we say what we do and do what we 

What concerns to your customers have?

Different types of customers have their own concerns.  Pricing is a constant concern for everyone, home owners and contractors alike, but that is an easy one for us.  Contractors want clean material and they 
want it now, no problem for us either.  A typical home owner is looking for advice and to learn about style options.  With our vast library of profiles we can fill the needs, at every level from the first time home owner to the fortunate luxurious mansion owners.

How do your prices compare to others in the business?

We receive laughs, chuckles and verification every day when our pricing is described – "You can't get it cheaper unless you steal it."

What are you justifiably proud of – that Moulding Direct does really well?

We really show passion for what we are doing. We like to model our service level after a hotel concierge or Maitre d’. We do things that people would never expect from a "Moulding Shop" and to be able to accomplish this with our pricing is really remarkable.

Questions? -- We have answers!

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